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minoritys.,international students


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Apr 6, 2004
    Anybody knows a pharmacy school that gives priority to minoritys or interntionl students?
    And also, do private pharm schools have to take a certain percentage of minoritys?( Affirmative action)
    Yes, the United States has a policy called Affirmative Action which state funded schools must abide by. Furthermore, private schools do not have to engage in the practice and they will select whomever they want.

    Also, even if you're an international student you may not fall under the Affirmative Action policy if you aren't considered an under-represented minority.

    Are you an international student? If so, where are you from and where did you complete your undergrad pre-reqs?


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    Jan 10, 2003
    Woodinville, Washington
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      Of the two state schools in Florida, one is a minority school - Florida A & M. They have a large percentage of minority students.

      UF doesn't ask for race on their application. They want the best students regardless of race. There was a big brouhaha over this. Everyone said that minority acceptances would drop, but they actually went up a little.
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      Originally posted by michelleca4
      In the year 2000, Proposition 209 banned Affirmative Action in CA stated funded schools, especially in the UC system.

      Wow that's really interesting, I never knew that. For some reason I assumed that a Federal law was the final authority or if states made their own laws you would still have to follow the stricter of the two. For example, the legalization of medicinal marijuana in some states - but it really is ILLEGAL because of the federal mandate??
      It's curious that CA, a state with a large minority population, was able to pass the proposition.


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      Mar 28, 2004
      New York State
        you can read all about proposition 209 online. California actually now has a larger minority population employed and in education sectors because of the law. This is because "over-represented minorities" are no longer able to be discriminated against when applying for positions.
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