Missing DEA and PSE Licenses


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Mar 3, 2020
  1. Pharmacist
    I am a new pharmacy manager at a CVS that's had many issues. I am doing my first regulatory review and I am unable to find the store's DEA registration and PSE certification. My techs also have no idea where they could be. Is there a way to get copies besides contacting the DEA? Thanks!
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    May 6, 2011
    1. Pharmacist
      Help Desk will help you. Also ask you DL for help too and make them aware of this to cover yourself. It must be posted with all other licenses for store and techs and a copy should be filled in regulatory box. Also for any other house keeping issues don't be ashamed harassing your DL. That's what they get paid for, to help you. I harass mine all the time even sometimes when I know the answer.!
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