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May 7, 2008
Attending Physician
$200 or best offer.

Part A&B: All 12 books present.

--Neurology, GI, Rheum, Nephrology, and Foundations of IM books are clean, brand new, and untouched.

--Heme/onc, Endocrine, ID, and Cards books have neat highlighting throughout that may actually enhance the reading experience.

--GIM and Pulm/CCM books just have some highlighting in the first few pages, otherwise clean.

--Cumulative index and all answer sheets untouched.

I used this set to prepare for the 2010 ABIM boards and thought I was decently prepared (and I just found out I passed!!). Will throw in the Board Basics book for free (was very valuable in my last-minute cramming for in-services as well as the real thing).

Will also provide tracking number with order. PM if interested.