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Aug 29, 2006
Guys I started out with EK and realized that there was just not enough for content review when it came to PS. I am taking the test on July 8

So I shifted to using all TBR. I finished the first section in Physics, Gchem, Orgo.

However I am afraid that the TBR is just so detailed that I am going to forget my basics and TBR doesnt drive on the fundamentals too well but just complications. I can totally see that TBR is great for those who are fluent and havent forgotten everything.

So so far this is what I am going to do

Bio : Ek Bio

Gchem: TBR

Physics: TBR

Orgo: TPR

Verbal: TPR/EK 101

I really like the Gchem and Physics for TBR but their orgo and Bio seem to be very detailed.

I think BR is good at explaining conceptual sciences like Gchem and physics but over does it on the more memorization orientated science's of Bio and Orgo.

what do you guys think.