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Feb 6, 2005
Medicine Management Advisory Committee
Minutes of the meeting held on 14 December 2004

6. Admission into the USydMP
The Committee noted the paper from Professors Cook, Mellis, Tiller and Dr Alex Barratt and separate
documents that has been circulated. Professor Coats outlined feedback he had received and a number
of difficulties that had arisen during the most recent round of USydMP interviews; he had significant
concerns about the process and its fairness to all applicants. He believed that there were three options
for the Faculty to consider:
a) Continue with the current process while seeking to improve it through having a stronger core of
expert interviewers;
b) Undertake a research project to review the current process and possible alternatives;
c) Move as soon as possible to structured mini-interviews similar to the McMaster University
Other comments included the following:
a) The Faculty should undertake its own research and compare its outcomes with the McMaster
b) There is already extensive literature available confirming that the validity and reliability of the
interview is a challenging issue for most medical schools;
c) A related issue is the weighting the Faculty gives to the three admissions criteria (GPA,
GAMSAT performance, interview);
d) The Faculty, through the Office of Teaching and Learning, could undertake its own research
study involving student volunteers to test the reproducibility of the current interview process
and of structured mini-interviews using varying numbers of sites;
e) The current process of interviewing international applicants also needed to be reviewed
including the feasibility of using videoconferencing.
Professor Tiller agreed to chair a steering committee to review the current interview process and to
report back to the Committee in early-mid 2005. Given the need for any significant change to be
approved by the Faculty and the Academic Board, the Committee agreed that the current interview
process continue for the 2005 interviews (for 2006 admission).


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May 23, 2003
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