More Heavily Weighed GPA: sGPA, aoGPA, or cumGPA?


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Nov 30, 2013
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    Hey guys,

    Reflecting on my marks from freshman and sophomore year it is obvious that I don't perform well in non science courses.

    cumGPA: 3.90
    sGPA: 4.00
    aoGPA: 3.79

    cumGPA: 3.80
    sGPA: 4.00
    aoGPA: 3.60

    My question is, what GPA do y'all think the ADCOMS look upon most favorably?
    I'm aware that the AMCAS gives these same numbers for each year of undergrad.

    Also, when looking at historical figures, what GPA are they getting to factor in with MCAT to give a % acceptance rate?
    The cumGPA would be most logical I guess. Do y'all know?
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    I'm sure you'll get in...
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    May 19, 2012
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      As long as you're averaging an A (>3.5) it's fine. The higher the better. ADCOMs look at your cGPA first, if they care to look more they will look at your sGPA and trends in grades over your time in college. They will probably never care about your aoGPA unless it's atrocious.
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