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More Practice Or Review?


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Sep 13, 2006
    I am taking the MCAT on April 18th. I have taken 13 full length tests with scores listed below. Should I continue taking practice tests (AAMC8-10 + Kaplan) or should I just review/memorize science stuff and do pure verbal passages (my weakest area)? Thanks for any constructive advice.

    Kaplan Diagnostic (38 = 13, 13, 12)
    TPR Online Diagnostic 1 (33 = 12, 10, 11)
    Kaplan FL1 (32 = 12, 9, 11)
    Kaplan FL2 (33 = 12, 10, 11))
    AAMC3 (33 = 12, 9, 12)
    Kaplan FL3 (36 = 13, 11, 12)
    AAMC4 (36 = 13, 9, 14)
    Kaplan FL4 (36 = 12, 12, 12)
    AAMC5 (32 = 13, 8, 11)
    Kaplan FL5 (34 = 13, 10, 11)
    AAMC6 (36 = 12, 12, 12)
    Kaplan FL6 (36 = 13, 11, 12)
    AAMC7 (36 = 13, 11, 12)


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    Dec 27, 2006
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      i dont see the point in taking more practice if u have a stable score, if I were u i'd study more contents so ur score can increase, or just do more verbal. Although I've heard anything above a 13 on a section is more luck, not sure if it's true. I don't think either choice is bad. You could always do both

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        AAMCs 8-10 are supposed to be the most representative according to lore on SDN.

        I would at least take AAMC 10 and review some last minute things that give you trouble.

        Also, if you get nervous, I would worry about that and how to control it. I know that got me last time.

        Other than that you look good. :)


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        Nov 15, 2007
          Your scores are good.. however, there is major fluctuation in Verbal. Take more practice tests to stabilize that. Also you can probably up those science scores to consistent 13s by nailing those weaknesses (esp by looking at your diagnostic).

          Do both.. there are enough hours in the day to take a practice test and review weak areas.

          AAMC 10 will most likely be very close to your real score. AAMC 9 also IMO.
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