May 20, 2014
I already wrote the MCAT before and scored very poorly, then I realized it was because I studied it in perhaps the worst approach possible. Regardless, due to my now established inability to construct a long-term study schedule and find the motivation to follow it, I decided to take an MCAT course this time around. I'm not really much of a "course guy" and I find studying alone easier, but for a test as big as the MCAT, I just find it hard to find the motivation and the correct study strategy.

I have absolutely nothing to do (gap year) from Sep 1st to Feb 1st, so I can completely focus on this new MCAT. I just don't know which course to take. I need a course that has a good reputation for best resembling the new MCAT, one that is comprehensive (as many class hours as possible) enough to minimize my need to self-study (aside from homework and practice), and that is offered in or near Toronto, Canada.

I've taken classes in biology, physiology, genetics, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, etc. I just haven't really done any school work for the new section except one first year course in psychology. So a good chunk of the test will be review, but some of it will be very new to me. Oh, and I also completely SUCK at verbal reasoning.

My cGPA is not really good at all, and so I need a pretty solid MCAT score to have a good shot at med school. Having said the above, can someone please just recommend a course? I know no one took all the courses so they can't make an unbiased judgement and it depends on the student and their background, but just try to please at least suggest something that would suit my circumstances.

Jun 23, 2015
If you are a non-traditional student, the first thing you need to do is identify your weak areas. Have you taken a practice exam yet?

Dr. Trenb

5+ Year Member
Dec 30, 2014
TBR is the way to go. In addition to helping you review all previous materials, it will teach you shortcuts to answering the MCAT questions.
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Mar 11, 2015
I think most prep courses will suit your needs. Personally I took a TPR course and thought it was really helpful. Where I'm located we have TPR and Kaplan, and I chose TPR because they give you more hours of in-person class time (123 hours of class time with an actual instructor!).

Do you know which courses are offered near you?
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