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Sep 28, 2002
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Hi - I've posted a similar thread on the clinical rotation forum...but I'm stickin up another one here cuz I didn't know which one would be the right forum!

Anyways....I'll be doing a subinternship in inpatient psychiatry for 4 weeks at Mount Sinai Medical School next February....and I was wondering whether anyone had done this elective (or any other psychiatry elective) at Mount Sinai before. If you do, I would greatly appreciate if you can please share your experiences with me, as I would like to know how demanding the rotation is (in terms of timetables, responsibilities, etc). The reason is, I go to a British medical school and i really have no idea how much my experience here would prepare me for a subintern position (b/c of differing teaching systems, clinical emphasis, DSM vs ICD classifications, etc).

I really appreciate any input on this matter.
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