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Sep 28, 2002
London, UK
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Hi....I'm a final year medical student in England (tho I'm not British...for yer records) and will be going to Mount Sinai in New York to do a 4-week psychiatry elective next February. Specifically, I will be doing a subinternship in inpatient psychiatry. I was wondering whether anyone had done this particular rotation, or any other psychiatry elective at Sinai before....and if so, can you tell me what your experiences were like (eg. timetables, on-calls, responsibilities). I'm just kinda nervous about the whole "subinternship" label because I don't wanna be given responsibilities/workloads which would be too much for me to handle becuz I've never rotated in a US hospital before.

Dutch Doc

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Sep 25, 2002
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
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Hello fellow European!

I cannot answer your question but am very curious as to how you got the internship at Mount Sinai. Being a Dutch fifth year med student I'm very eager to do part of my internship in a foreign country.

Could you share some info with me? You can e-mail me if that's handier.

Dutch Doc
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