mount sinai vs. NYU vs. albert einstein

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Jul 25, 2005
    NYU is in the most ridiculously tight part of New York and I hear the class schedule is relatively chill. I would go to NYU before any other school, hands down. But you gotta be down with living smack-dab in the middle of NYC.


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    Jun 14, 2005
    1. Medical Student
      Pewl said:
      Heh, NYU is filled with biznatches. No wonder so many have killed themselves by jumping over the ledge in their library =P

      Sorry, but not funny :thumbdown: (from someone coming from NYU, this was a big tragedy on our campus)

      To the OP: If given a choice I would definitely choose Sinai. Everyone who goes there ends up loving it. It's called "Camp Sinai" for a reason -- they really hold your hand.


        Turquoisey said:
        Hey guys.
        Just got an interview to NYU. Definitely wasnt expecting this so I am so excited. Anyone got any good information on the school/their interview/the city?

        I interviewed there a bit ago, the school is at 30th and 1st in midtown Manhattan. I traveled by train cause that's the easiest way to get from c'ville VA to NYC and Penn station is not far away from the med school at all. I stayed in a hotel that was pretty close, the Arlington I think it was called (it was a comfort inn), at something like 25th and 5th. It was $190 a night, but was the cheapest I found within walking distance. The interview itself is pretty short, around 30min max, and it's just the one interview. No tough questions, just pretty relaxed and conversational. They have a tour of the medschool area (dorms, classrooms, anatomy lab, etc) you get lunch, and then there's a tour of Bellvue hospital (get to see the ER etc). My student tour guide got a bit lost in Bellevue, but aside from that it was a pretty good (and fairly short) day. My interview was at 9:15am and I was done by 2pm, got to enjoy NYC for the rest of the afternoon.


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        Nov 5, 2005
          Rendar5 said:
          we all have some differences, but overall, all 3 of our schools are considered equivalent. So rank is not something you should use to decide between us. It'll be everything else :laugh:

          which one do you go to? what is the 'talk' about the 3 schools? what kind of students go to each school? (feel free to PM me if its an answer you would be more comfortable writing in private).

          thanks so much
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