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Moving - On the Look out for Good Schools in Pennsylvania & Baltimore


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Feb 15, 2013
  1. MD/PhD Student
    I am trying to look for good schools in the Baltimore / Pennsylvania area.- preferably near Carlisle Pa., - which is where my husband will be practicing.
    I need to know whether to go towards the Main Baltimore area or stay in the Cumberland Valley School District.
    Any - any -advice would be much appreciated....I'm not getting any positive information from surfing the net & any kind of information would be very helpful.

    My son (2nd grade) is in need of a program / school that excels in Speech/ O.T Therapy. He already has an IEP plan.
    My 7th grader is in need of a school which will emphasize on the Sciences & have Model UN program that will ultimate progress her towards a good medical program.
    My 9th grader needs a High School (now) which will condition and train him for the rigors & requirements of being accepted into excellent medical schools. ( good AP programs)...

    Am I being too demanding or is there really a place where I can have it all?....
    I'm coming from a big city metro area...and its very cosmopolitan here....Anything like that up there?
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