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Moving oral boards 2 years after residency

Discussion in 'Radiology' started by radsbound, May 14, 2007.

  1. radsbound

    radsbound Junior Member
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    Jan 1, 2006
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    Medical Student
    I have been hearing about this recomendation lately. I was wondering if any one has any knowledge of if it does happen what entering class will it affect? Any response would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  2. MRI4ME

    May 15, 2007
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    There is no time table for this. There is not a consensus yet that it will even happen.

    If it happens, it will likely not affect anyone who is in residency at the time. Also, the nature of the oral board exams will likely change. At this time, many radiologists in current practice who have been out of a residency for a while would have a very hard time passing oral boards.

    Many specialties have final certifying board exams that take place after graduation from residency.

    In rads, he last 6 months of residency is "unproductive" for the residency program; most seniors do not take call during this time and spend a lot of time away studying. IE, you have your most highly trained and skilled personnel not on the job. This makes it more difficult for attendings (creating staff shortages) as the # of radiologists in academic positions continues to dwindle.

    The rationale for keeping things the way they are is related to the current difficulty level of oral boards; you are more likely to pass when your knowledge is still fresh. If you hold the exams 2 years later, you would have to revise the boards so that you would not be preventing too many radiologists from achieving certification.

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