Sep 23, 2019
Hi everyone! I know this is from last year's application cycle, but since you all went thought the process, any input would be great!
Advice on good safety schools I should apply to, if I am reaching, or should consider anywhere else for health behavior/community health and education concentrations, and potentially a certificate in maternal and child health!

Undergraduate School:
large southeast state school
Undergrad GPA/Major GPA: 3.41/3.57/3.65
Major/Minor: Public Policy/Global Studies; concentrations on health policy & global health
GRE: will take in 3 weeks

-currently an AmeriCorps VISTA for a non-profit focused on alleviating barriers to food insecurity and inaccessibility (1 year position)
-1 semester studying abroad on a public health program in South America; interned at a pediatric hospital for a national program that ensures access to congenital heart disease treatment for uninsured children
-2 years on the executive board of a non-profit; taught health and nutrition lessons in low-income elementary schools
-1 semester (senior capstone) working with the Division of Public Health to analyze the influence of fatherhood programs on perinatal health & health equity
-3 years teaching in an elementary afterschool program

Interests: health inequities/disparities, maternal health behaviors affecting perinatal health; social determinants; food insecurity; breastfeeding disparities

Applying to: UNC (health behavior), U Washington (health services- social & behavioral sciences), U Michigan Ann Arbor (health behavior and education), Emory (behavioral sciences & health education), maybe NYU (community health science and practice-- thoughts??)

Considering U Pittsburgh, Boston University, Columbia ???

**Thoughts on these specific schools and others I should consider would be wonderful!!


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Jan 20, 2016
Just got my full financial aid package from Boston University (with a need-based grant)! I'm very surprised and impressed that BU is quite generous with aid funding compared to other MPH programs, and it's definitely making it harder for me to decide between it and Brown University right now!
I am an international student, and I have just been accepted for admission to the Master of Public Health program at BUSPH (with a scholarship of 30% towards my tuition). How did you manage to secure a full financial aid? Thank you in advance.
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Mar 12, 2020
  1. Dentist
Hello everyone!

I am an international student and have been accepted for the MPH program at Boston University (35% scholarship), UC San Diego, UC Davis, TAMU and DREXEL.

I am yet to make the final call and would love to get some insight on which university to choose!

Really confused between BU and UCD!

Thank you in advance!

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