MPH maternal/child programs in Northeast


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Nov 13, 2004
    Does anyone know of any MPH programs around NJ, NY, MA, PA that are either maternal/child health or population health OTHER than hopkins, columbia, or boston u. I am wondering if there are other schools i am not aware of, it seems a little intimidating that the only programs are here are at big name schools. T.


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    Oct 24, 2003
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      Hi there,

      As far as public health schools go, many public health programs are available at many schools - you should check out the sticky with the listing of public health programs. You can also look into the University of Pittsburgh. I'm not sure whether or not there is a maternal/population health program, but you might want to look into it because it's a pretty good school.

      Also, I understand your anxiety about applying to certain schools, but why be intimidated at BU? Boston University is not intimidating whatsoever. When I applied back in 2000, I got into Boston University's Maternal and Child Health Program with NO EXPERIENCE in MCH whatsoever coming out of undergrad. I ended up going to Michigan (which I would also suggest you look into since it's not that much farther than Pennsylvania), but I strongly considered Boston and visited before making my decision. I know that it was four years ago, but the program was a pretty small one, and they seemed very dedicated to getting me plenty of experience during the two years that I would spend there.

      I also think that the NJ medical schools may have associated MPH programs, so you might want to look into those; the University at Albany (my undergrad alma mater) also has an MPH program that you might want to explore. Also, you don't necessarily have to do a program specifically for MCH/population health unless you're thinking of pursuing a PhD in this area (and even so, you might be fine just getting a general degree in Epidemiology). If you think that the MPH is where you're going to stop, then it might be good to explore the research opportunities at the schools you're applying to and get experience in the area of maternal/child or population health versus seeking a specific degree.

      Best of luck,
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