Mar 25, 2010
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hey, so I'm torn between Emory and Michigan for various reasons, and have been reading as many posts as I can about the pros/cons for both. I have applied for MPH's in HBHE programs. HMP programs, however, are affecting my decision...

Emory seems to be the better fit for me, however I have recently been thinking about picking up an MHA if possible during my studies. I found out that I am only able to pick up an unofficial minor at Emory for Health Management and Policy because there is no dual degree option yet for that. I also read that their HMP program isn't CAHME accredited (yet).

I went to undergrad for Michigan and I want a change of scenery. Not to mention, my interests fit better with Emory's program. However, I was told that I could likely pick up an MHA at Michigan if I wanted to, and just spend 3 years there instead of 2.

So my concern is, do I go to Emory because my gut is telling me to, or do I go to Michigan because I would be able to obtain an MHA as well? I'm sure I'd get great experiences at both schools. However, do employers care that I hold an unofficial minor in Health Management/Policy, or would they prefer to see an MHA?

Any help would be so very greatly appreciated!!
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