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General MPH or MS

Discussion in 'Public Health Degrees (Masters and Doctoral)' started by kendrick lamar, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. kendrick lamar

    kendrick lamar 2+ Year Member

    Jul 2, 2013
    I'm a pharmacy graduate, thinking about working in a non-traditional capacity either in city/state/fed government, or private health company/startup company capacity. I'm not really interested in pharmaceuticals, per say (as in, working in an industry setting) more so in clinical medicine, population health, etc. I've been considering getting the MPH and am wondering if this would qualify me to work or move up in a data analyst capacity as I am seeing some openings for data analyst in healthcare companies. My other consideration was to get a Masters in computer science as I hear that technology skills are becoming important and I think with my health professional degree, it could be a good asset. Anybody who may have more insight, I'm welcome to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
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  3. IntriguedStudent

    IntriguedStudent Oops 2+ Year Member

    Aug 20, 2014
    Chicago, IL
    If you just want to go into data analysis, an MPH in biostats would probably suffice. I would really only suggest an MS if you plan to go into research. I don't know how well a Masters in Computer Science would set you up for work in clinical medicine or population health. Public health is definitely the better choice for those areas of study, in my opinion.

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