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MRI showing PVL or Agenesis of corpus callosum??

Discussion in 'Neurology' started by Raynbow, Jun 11, 2003.

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What is the MRI indicating?

  1. That the child has PVL

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  2. That the child has CP

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  3. That the child has Agenisis of Corpus Callosum(ACC)

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  4. That the child has brain damage due to Grade III IvH

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  1. Raynbow

    Raynbow Junior Member

    Jun 11, 2003
    HELP! (I don't expect a diagnosis...I just want professional opinions... )
    I am the mother of a baby boy due to be born on June 13, but was born at 26wks gestation on March 12 his complications included Sepsis(gram pos cocci), RDS, Apnea, Anemia, Heart murmur(no longer heard), 4 blood transfusions, On ventilator twice for 2 days, CPAP for 2days, IVH Grade III(resolved), I was flat on my back for 3 wks in hospital before he came and was given Magnesium Sulfate each time I was in labor(3x) I had 3 Steroid shots on first onset of labor. I had Endometritis and Chorioamnionitis, Placenta Abrupted 10%.......Anyway, my baby is 3months now(adjusted age 0)...He had what looked like seizures this weekend and was admitted to hospital to do an EEG and MRI....The EEG appears normal...The MRI report says WHITE MATTER IS THINNING MORE POSTERIOR IN CORPUS CALLOSUM IN SOME AREAS....ACUTE THINNING OF POSTERIOR BODY IN SPLENIUM OF CORPUS CALLOSUM...MILD PROMINENCE OF POSTERIOR BODIES OF LATERAL VENTRICLES....BOTH OF THE ABOVE MAY INDICATE OF PERIVENTRICULAR WHITE MATTER LOSS..NO HIGH SIGNAL IS IDENTIFIED IN PERIVENTRICULAR WHITE MATTER......sooo My question is...Is this consistent with PVL, Agenesis of Corpus Callosum, CP, a result of the Grade III IVH he had 3mo. ago, or nothing at all? I appreciate ALL opinions!
    Thank you,
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  3. dcw135

    dcw135 Member 7+ Year Member

    Sep 7, 2002
    Just a guess here, without all relevant data you can't make a real diagnosis, but a mild communicating hydrocephalus from the bleed will dilate the 3rd ventricle not only laterally, but also up. The Corpus lies atop the 3rd, and the dilation will give the callosum a stretched and thin appearance.

    I'm sure the doctors caring for the child know this. Good luck with everything.
  4. nsg98

    nsg98 Junior Member

    Jun 14, 2003
    Sorry to hear about your little boy. Sounds like he had a rough start.

    PVL and agenisis and/or thinning of the CC is not uncommon in babies who are born premature. Studies have also shown that babies born to mothers who have chorioamnionitis have an increased risk for CP.

    Your son is at a very high risk of having CP, but doctor's are reluctant to diagnose it before the age of two especially in the preemies because they want to make sure that they had a chance to "catch up".

    I would continue to be on the lookout for seizures. Your son is at risk for seizures and just because his EEG was normal doesn't mean that he won't have seizures. 60% of EEG's are normal even in kids who have known seizures.

    My advice would be to get your son into ECI (early childhood intervention) if he isn't already and find a good pediatric neurologist.

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