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MS-1 married to MS-3 - School Transfer & Residency Match


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Feb 5, 2013
  1. Medical Student
    I am a current MS-1 and my husband is an MS-3 at the same allopathic school. Advisors at school seem to feel that I had a good chance of transferring when my husband matches. The timeline they proposed was:

    March 2013 - Husband matches; Contact/apply to the institution(s) that I would transfer to; anticipate a letter of acceptance contingent on passing Step 1
    April - I take Step 1
    May/June - My scores come. Assuming I pass, plan to enroll and begin my MS-3 year at a different institution.

    Our advisors implied that the transfer would be a "dean to dean" conversation. Both of our advisors think that we'll be fine, but it is still a little nerve wracking. Husband scored ~250 on Step 1, is on track for AOA, and wants to go into ER. I'm a pretty "average" student and think I am interested in OB or Medicine. We have begun researching transfer policies at different schools that have an ER program in the same city and of course are considering what cities we would like to live in. (We were a little bummed that UC Denver wouldn't consider out of state applicants for transfer.)

    Does anyone have any experience with this issue or have any knowledge of how likely a transfer to the same city would be? (I've searched through the forums and haven't been able to find a case of a husband and wife that were 2 years apart - most seem to be 1 year apart). All thoughts or advice are appreciated.

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    Feb 10, 2012
      Get a divorce seems to be the best option here. You're welcome


      Congrats on posting the most negative comment I've read in a while. :slap:

      OP - My suggestion would be to call up whoever is in charge of transfers at the schools you're looking at, and speak to them directly. Make sure you explain your situation and make it clear what you want (a 3rd yr transfer and a residency match). Most schools will be rather direct from what I've heard.
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      New Member
      Feb 5, 2013
      1. Medical Student
        Thanks for the suggestion.

        I guess I'm a little leery about everything because I haven't found any cases where this does actually happen. I hear it's possible, but want to make sure that it has actually happened before my husband ends up across the country and I am have to stay at my current school for the next 2 years.


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        Sep 26, 2009
        1. Medical Student
          I think you actually have a very good shot at being able to transfer. I would look at cities that have multiple medical school and multiple ER residencies. Off the top of my head these would be places like Chicago, NY, Philly, Texas (multiple cities). I dont know what tier school you are at now but I cant imagine staying within the same tier or going down a tier not being possible. If youre coming from low tier and trying to transfer to columbia or cornell or something that might be a bit harder. But for a school to have room and not allow you to be with your husband would be very surprising to me.
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