MS-3&4 Advice about these med schools please?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by sarephina, Dec 18, 2005.

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    I am a student in Sophie Davis, which is a 7 year BS/MD program in NY.
    This year, we need to apply to one of 6 medical schools for our clinical rotations (MS-3 & 4 for MD degree). I am trying to decide among the following med schools:

    Dartmouth, Downstate (SUNY), NYU, and Stony Brook (SUNY). [i currently have no preference... I listed them in alpha order]

    I'm not sure about what specialty I want to go into... at this time I'm leaning toward academic medicine and away from surgeries, but beyond that, it's a huge plain to me...

    Sophie Davis teaches us a lot about public health and the importance of primary care and I whole-heartedly support their goals, but I know they haven't shown us everything and in the future I don't want to regret personal choices I made in ignorance.

    I've looked at their websites, but they don't really help with this question: What is a good med school for scouting out all the possibilities (using only the mostly-clinical years 3 and 4 since that's when I'll be there), and still having a good shot at residency if/when I decide?

    Any advice, especially if you're currently in one of these schools, would be appreciated. Could you also list what you think are the strengths/weaknesses of the schools?

    Thank you for reading! :)

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