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Aug 23, 2014
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You'll be fine and match. Apply to all programs. To do well in away rotations: number 1 have a good attitude and be nice and likeable. Knowing a lot is good but that will not make up for being weird and unfriendly. Don't be lazy or low energy, that is a total killer. For consults, read about them the day before and abstract them, look up the main evidence behind it: let's say a post lumpectomy patient consult. You don't have to know the literature in detail but maybe look up a trial or two to mention in your note briefly (read the question book or wiki). Be thorough, hard working, and enjoy it. Work hard on your end of rotation presentation to leave a good last impression. If you are targetting NYC and Cali that is going to be tough. Do all your away rotations there in mid to low tier programs to have a good chance to matching there if that is a top priority for you. You'll match before you know it!