MSAR gpa percentile - list of schools to apply to


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May 6, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    What percentile should my gpa and science gpa fall at a school for me to consider applying - like what percentile would be considered a backup/safety, decent, and reach if we were to put it in undergrad terms. I realize that having a "backup" or "safety" med school may not be a thing as getting even 1 acceptance is a pretty big deal. my advisor said any school where u fall above the 50th percentile for gpa, u have a good shot...but i dont know if i believe that or how informed that info is.

    Like what percentile should my gpa fall for me to be competitive at a school and not just chancing it? realize a school list isnt possible w/o a mcat. taking in july but wanted a general idea of how to use MSAR with apps
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