Dec 18, 2019
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Hi everyone, I can't seem to post this in the DO specific forum and did not see any current threads about these schools. I have some thoughts about the pros/cons, but feel free to disagree or point me to resources you feel may be helpful. I am a Michigan resident and attended MSU as an undergraduate. Anyone's input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

MSU COM (Detroit Campus)
Pros: 1) there seem to be more opportunities available for research, 2) ~9k/year cheaper tuition, 3) urban area with outreach programs, 4) COM appears very transparent
Cons: 1) small satellite class size, 2) Detroit rotation not guaranteed (there are many rural clinical sites)

Pros: 1) seems to have a little bit better of a national reputation ( does anyone know more about the match?), 2) really enjoyed the faculty on the Zoom interview
Cons: 1) rural (I grew up in a town like this, but really would rather live in a city), 2) must travel OOS for rotations, 3) concerned about the lack of research opportunities (although it sounds like there is a lot of OMM work going on)
Jun 28, 2019
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  1. Medical Student
MSU and ATSU are both solid DO programs (despite all the Larry Nassar stuff at MSU). When they are toss ups like this, I think the cheaper option is usually better. You'll thank your future self by saving ~$50k after interest. ATSU may have the slight edge as the first DO school, but I don't think the "prestige" difference is worth $50k. Prestige isn't really a thing when it comes to DO schools anyways.
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