my case and medical admission chances

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What should my next step be?

  • grade replacement classes as a non degree student

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  • masters program in physiology or medical anthropology

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  • second degree completed in 2 years time to show consistency?

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Jul 10, 2014
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I finished my undergraduate degree at a leading university in Toronto Canada. I did an undergraduate BA degree in Biological and Medical Anthropology.
Year 1 4 credits -A overall average.
Year 2: 4,.5 credits -A overall average.
Year 3: 5 credits- C average. - I switched campuses and majors because I thought I would do a bilingual degree in history instead. but after getting a C in beginners French and doing badly in history, i switched back to my original major and original campus.
Summer: 1.5 credits -C average. - I lived in campus housing with a disguisting roommate.
Year 4: 2 credits -C average.
Year 5: 5 Credits -B average
Year 6: 5 credits -A average ( all hard sciences except organic and bio chem)

the problem is that the year 3, summer and year 4 have had a bad effect. I am taking a gap year to figure out how I can solve this particular problem. I am aware of a few different options but I am the first one in my family to consider medicine and my dad is an engineer so he's all confused.
Now I am taking a gap year and I am thinking more and more of how I want my medical training to start as soon as possible. What are my options in terms of bridging? I have not taken the MCAT and neither have I taken Orgo or BioChem formally, however, Ive sat in Orgo class before to get an idea of what it entails.
is grade replacement my strongest option? Would doing selective undergrad courses ( not part of a degree program) be a good idea?
would doing a masters be a better option for me? Masters in Physiology SMP or Masters In Medical Anthropology MPHIL where i do a social medicine research project?
a second degree which I can complete in two year's time to show that I can consistently hold good grades over 4 years in a science discipline?
What is the philosophy behind making us do an undergraduate program before medical school?

additionally, I would be an international applicant to the US med schools so would I only be "welcome" by the private schools?
(According to the Canadian premed forums, only the big private schools are citizenship neutral and Canadian friendly in terms of financial need based scholarships.)

thanks a whole bunch to anybody who applies!