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my chance of getting to Dental school (low GPA average DAT)

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by tankforwiggins, May 12, 2014.

  1. So I read the sticky thread above and see that my chance of getting into school are really low even at 2009, but I still want give a try to see

    I graduated 3 years ago from UCSD with GPA of 3.07 and Science GPA 2.85.

    I didn't decide to go dental at the time in school so I did not stay in school because I felt I can't learn anything. After graduate I have been work in a Biology laboratory for almost 3 years and decide to take a change of taking DAT this year

    I took the DAT today and have unofficial score of
    PAT 18
    QR 24
    RC 17
    Biology 19
    Chemistry 19
    Ochem 14
    TS 17
    AA 19

    I know o-chem kills me but it's always been my weak point (reason my GPA was low because I need take this subject and I always pass it with C ) :(

    I do have volunteer/shadowing experience in dental office during summer of college (2 years ~200 hours).
    and I can always go back because the dentist knows me really well.

    Cost of applying/attending also doesn't matter to me that much, and of course I won't waste my money for application on school like Harvard because I know it's not possible...

    so can anyone give me suggestion?
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  3. distressstudent

    distressstudent 2+ Year Member

    Sep 3, 2013
    Hey fellow UCSD friend ( 4th one from UCSD I have interacted with on SDN!). I will be blunt. You will definitely need to retake that DAT score because 14 is way too low; there are cut offs at around 16/17. Especially for an important section like ochem, you definitely have to meet that cutoff. The earliest you can retake your DAT is in another 90 days. That would be mid august, which isn't exactly late but it is definitely pass the early mark. Second, your science GPA does not meet some school's 3.0 cut off either. If you are really determined to go to dental school, I recommend raising that sGPA by enrolling yourself in school again.

    If you want to work on your other areas in the meantime, I recommend searching up UCSD PDS if you haven't already. There are a lot of opportunities for dental-related outreach work. If you can get enough hours, there are some schools that often do overlook academics in lieu of insane number of volunteering hours.
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  4. Thanks for replying
    This is pretty much as what I was expected. Right now for me is if I go back to school I probably need to quit my jobs, but even then I do not know if I can raise my science GPA to 3.0 with just 1 or 2 quarters. Is online class able to help on this situation? and do I have to enrolled with UCSD? because I am not sure after graduating I can go back

    I was thinking if I apply school outside US like Canada/Australia will I have a chance of making it?

    If not, can I use my DAT score for some grad program to increase my GPA?
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  5. distressstudent

    distressstudent 2+ Year Member

    Sep 3, 2013
    There are programs like master programs, post-bacc programs, or special masters program. I haven't looked into those, so I don't know any more details than the fact that they exist and helps with low GPA. I will let someone more experience with these programs do the talking.

    I don't know about Australia, but Canadian dental school is incredibly difficult to get into. Moreso than most U.S schools, and especially for U.S residents. For the ones that do release their stats on the ADEA book, it is 3.75+ and 21+ for their students.
  6. saintguitar

    saintguitar 2+ Year Member

    Jun 21, 2013
    I think you already know the answer: your GPA and DAT are too low to gain an admission.

    It takes time and patience to build your application stronger and there is no other way to do it.

    Start taking science classes as a post-bacc or masters program, up your GPA and retake your DAT after actually studying for it.
  7. thanks for the response guys

    I decide to take the second round of test in mid September and try to get to the post-bac program to get some class.

    but to me raising DAT score seems faster than taking class as I don't think just taking few classes will raise my GPA to 3.0

    what score of DAT should I have to make myself competitive with my GPA right now, assuming I cannot get to post-bac as I see they have some requirement and I am not sure if I can get in.
  8. saintguitar

    saintguitar 2+ Year Member

    Jun 21, 2013
    I've been there and trust me when I say this: there is no easier way up once you fell down.
    Translation: start from basic science classes and build it up to upper level science classes. 2.89 with no recent classes vs. 3.10 with 48 recent science classes including upper level ones (all A's). They will be dramatically different from the eyes of adcoms.

    As far as the DAT is concerned, you will have to aim 22+ in order to compensate for your low GPA.

    One or two years will not make much difference once you get into dental school. Invest your time and invest wisely.
  9. thanks for the advice

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