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Jul 19, 2007
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I interviewed at MWU in Sept. and UCSF and UW in late Nov. I was wondering if anyone got in to these schools with similar stats to mine. MWU said I was an alternate so does anyone know if I have a good chance of getting in? No word from UW and UCSF. I am a Washington state resident. Thanks!

My Cumulative is a 3.27
BCP:3.11 :( (Cellular and Molecular Major so had to take Biochem ect.)
Science: 3.01 (Math really hurt this):(

My DAT scores are as follows:
Academic Average: 21 93.0 Percentile

Perceptual Ability: 20 85.4 Percentile

Quantitative Reasoning: 14 25.8 Percentile :( (Always been bad at Math)

Reading Comprehension: 30 100.0 Percentile (Don't know how that happened)

Biology: 20 86.9 Percentile

General Chemistry: 23 95.0 Percentile

Organic Chemistry: 19 73.1 Percentile

Total Science: 21 92.4 Percentile

I also have over 3000 hours of hands on experience as a Dental Assistant in addition to hundreds of hours of volunteer work and shadowing. I also planned and financed my own oral health service trip to Vietnam. This is my 4th time applying. Yep. Thanks again for any input!


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Dec 1, 2008
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I apologize for changing the subject real quick, but how did you manage a 30 on RC? How did you study for it?


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Jun 30, 2008
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Dehaandster, your stats aren't bad for some dentals schools, but all of my friends with similar numbers didn't have any luck at the schools you mentioned. I think your DAT score is great, so if you have any way of bringing up that GPA it would help. Some schools are less worried about GPA, in fact I think your GPA falls right into the average accepted range at BU.
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