my chances!!plz plz plz post also what was your highschool gpa/sat/act

Jul 31, 2016
hello. im gonna be a 10th grader and i have a 9 th grade GPA of 4.1 and thinking ima graduate with a 3.9 weighed. im a state wrestler and volunteer a good bit. im gonna shadow a pharmacist next year. what are my chances? plz post your gpa sat/act and who accepted you and who denied.


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Aug 2, 2016
While I think it's good to think about occupations in high school, you can't equate your high school grades to you collegiate success. You still have 2+ years of schooling to go through post college.
For example, in high school, I had a 3.96 GPA UW, 4.25 GPA W with a 24 ACT score. I worked hard in my classes.
When I went to college, I had to study so much more. I even failed a class, withdrew another, and got a C- in Calculus. It isn't a walk in the park, and it shouldn't be.
I have a 3.34 GPA and a 3.6 science GPA. I'm applying this cycle, and as long as a score about a 60 composite (which I should), I'll be a competitive applicant to most schools.
My best advice to you is to get pharm tech degree and work in a pharmacy. This would be the best thing for you!


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Jun 16, 2016
I agree with @kdbaker17 that you can't equate high school and college grades. I was at the top 5% of my graduating class with a good ACT score in high school, but my GPA in college is not as great as my high school gpa. When you apply to pharmacy schools, they focus on your grades, PCAT, and extracurriculars, and not so much what school you went to. I'd just say for now, focus on which colleges you want to get into while keeping pharmacy in the back of your mind, and then really start focusing on getting into pharmacy school when you start doing your undergrad. Best of luck to you!