My dad always said "Good things happen to those who wait...."

Dr. Don

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Dec 15, 2001
Los Angeles
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so, I have decided that I won't given in to the pressure of busting out with another $15 (that's like 3 meals for me), and just wait patiently and see what happens. To those who already checked and are please with your scores, congrats! and best of luck to everyone that hasn't checked yet. They will come....


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Jul 20, 2002
frigid cold place
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i don't want to know my score. to resist temptation, i threw my score password in the garbage the day it came--i'm kinda regretting that now...but i'm so scared to get my scores. i'm thinking i won't look until the process is over. i'll judge my score by how many interviews i get....sigh


Intermountain West
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Sep 1, 2002
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Alright, count me in. I am committed to not looking mostly because I feel petrified, etc. I am trying to be as Zen as I can, meditate, keep an open mind, and take care of business in my life etc.

The truth is, the scores are going to be what they are and I can't really do anything about it. I figure it's out of my hands for right now, and so short of ordering EKracker stuff and a well-recommended physio book for April preparartion - Amazon has a great return policy ... - I can't do anything more.

I was thinking of things I could do for volunteering and thought I might work at the School for the Deaf across the street from me. I could learn sign language and work with these great kids. Volunteering helps me to put things into perspective ...
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