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MY DO school list



    Hello yall, I need help compiling my DO school list. I've only added five schools to my primary (I'm not applying MD at all this cycle) and want some feedback on the types of schools I should be applying to. I have an 511 mcat and 3.68 sGPA, cookie cutter EC's - 90 hrs clinical volunteering interacting w patients, 50 hrs shadowing, 180 hrs research, and other club stuff. I'm applying to Western Pomona, Touro-NY, CCOM, UNE COM, DMU.

    Should I apply to more schools to increase my odds or will I be getting a fair amount of interviews? I have a clean record/no academic infractions and 4 LOR's from 3 science professors and 1 MD.


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    Mar 13, 2013
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      I think you posted in wrong forum. Your status are pretty good. I would suggest do more clinical and non clinical EC while you are applying for schools. You can even do online tutoring. You must add more schools to be on safe side because 5 schools are not enough.
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