Nov 9, 2010

Hello, my basset hound recently passed and as you can imagine, I am very distraught. It was quite sudden, seeming to appear from one day to the next. Let me try and give the best hx. possible. I would like to see if maybe you could give me an insight to what may have happened.

about 6 weeks ago he was diagnosed with tick fever and heart worms. The vet put him on PO Doxy BID for one month and another po drug qd for his liver (Can't remember the name off the top of my head). His fever broke after about 4-5 days and everything seemed ok after that. I was instructed to bring him back to the clinic to begin treatment for his heartworms. The vet said she would need to keep him in the clinic for 2 days or so for this. She said it would cost 500 for this. I couldn't afford this (after spending 600$ for this last treatment) so I wasn't able to bring him in. Like I said, after his febrile incident, he seemed ok and normal. Then a few days ago my mother called saying he was breathing very slowly and she thought he was going to die soon. By the time I got home he was already dead. He was 7 and as I said, seemed completely fine the night before.

Any ideas as to what may have occured? Do you think it may have been the heartworms? I remember the night before it was pretty cold outside (around 45 degrees). Not sure if this helps. As you can imagine, I feel terrible. Thank you.


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Jan 7, 2010
I'm so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, it's against forum rules to give opinions about cause of death. Your best resource is to call and talk to the veterinarian you saw for the tick fever.


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Dec 26, 2005
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At this point, if you really want to know what happened, your best bet is to take your dog's body back to your veterinarian for a necropsy. The fact that it's cold outside could be a beneficial (at least grossly, if the body froze, histopath will be a mess).

I'm really sorry for your pup. Bassets are so sweet. :(