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Mar 21, 2016
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I have done EK 1 (50%) and EK 2 (54%) and also three TBR FL's (502 each, raw score improving each time), but when I go back and correct my FL's (especially EK), I see SOOOOO MANY STUPID MISTAKES! Simple things that I know, but for some reason just have trouble recalling on the practice FL's because I feel rushed by time and start feeling stressed out.

As I am going along correcting JUST the first section of my recent 54% on my EK FL, I already see various mistakes on questions that I knew or I just made a stupid mistake on and I am already at a 57%! I feel like if I correct the third section (I suck at CARS, so I will leave that where it is), I will be at least at a 60%+, which I heard is not TERRIBLE for EK.

I don't know, what do you guys think? I'm only three weeks away from my MCAT, and I have taken EK FL 1, EK FL 2, and TBR 1, 2, and 3 already! I plan on taking EK FL 4, AAMC unscored, AAMC scored, TBR 4, and MAYBE a Kaplan FL.

Also I feel a lot more rushed on the C/P and B/B sections on the EK FL's compared to TBR, perhaps because I spend time trying to understand the experiments that EK exams are heavily emphasizing. By spending more time trying to understand the experiments, I lose more time, which means I end up feeling more rushed, and then make really dumb mistakes!
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