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Aug 23, 2006
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So I filed my FAFSA about a month ago. It was processed and in the comments section it said that they could not confirm my citizenship status, and therefore I would not be eligible for federal student aid. I am a new U.S. citizen, and last year when I filed FAFSA, I put down permanent resident.

After this happened, I contacted FAFSA and told them about the situation. They basically said there is nothing they can do and each school will need to verify on its own. Therefore, I am just waiting for the schools to send me those forms. Nevertheless, I am kind of worried that this might delay the process of my financial application. I have put down 4 schools on the FAFSA (the ones that I have interviewed at or will interview. As of now I have not had any acceptances, waitlists, or post-interview rejections).

Curious, I called one of the schools at which I interviewed about 5 weeks ago and will probably hear back from next week. The nice lady at the financial aid office told me that I should call back by the end of March. Interestingly, she asked me if I had already been accepted, and I said that I will hear back next week. So do you think I should just assume I should do the same for the other schools as well? By the same thing, I mean, wait to see if I get accepted and call by the end of March? :confused: :(

By the way, another FAFSA question I had is this: I havent had the chance to file my taxes yet. I probably have to make corrections to my FAFSA after I do though. So should I hurry up and file my taxes as soon as possible to correct my FAFSA, or would it really not matter because I have already submitted FAFSA to schools anyway? I really do not believe that the change of information on my FAFSA would be significant when I submit a correction.

Thank you in advance!


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Jul 3, 2006
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don't worry about it. most schools only use fafsa as a general template to cross check their formula. i became naturalized with my parents...oh about 4 years ago, and every year, fafsa still couldn't verify my citizenship. it never ended up being an issue :)
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