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Nov 17, 2001
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Hi, I have a question for all of you. I had to scramble into my spot. But, my letter that I received on match day said that I matched into a Psychiatry / Preliminary spot. I thought preliminary spots only existed for medicine and surgery. As far as I know I haven't seen any preliminary psych programs--all spots listed are categorical.

Does this mean that their committment is for only one year? I don't think it's going to be a super huge deal, but I'd like to know.


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Feb 1, 2004
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Have you tried logging onto the NRMP website and seeing what it says there? Once you have a official program name, you can look up more info on it on eras. It probably says prelim/psych because psych only requires 1/2 yr of medicine, so the other half will be occupied by psych. I imagine that you did match into a psych program since they usually don't split up programs like that, but that's something that you should find out for sure on your own by contacting your pd and searching the web.
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