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Feb 24, 2004
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Since we all have a little more than a week later, it is very difficult to improve verb score much.

Here is my suggestion. Maybe it helps.

Use web and go find out some critical principals or important person on a particular subject.

For example, What's "Cubism" in art? Who is most influential person (Picasso, in this case) behind it?

Astrology, Who is Hubble? what's theory behind "big band theory"?

Geology, Which is "Continental Shift theory"?

Psychology, Who is Freud? What's theory behind him?

Religious, confucism, Judism, What's basic principles behind them?

Economy, What's Lassez Faire model?

That's all I can think about right now.

I think if we can learn some basic terminology and basic fact about a topic, we probably at least read article fast during the incoming exam. And it won't take too long to find some materials on them either.

If anybody thinks anything else that's must for a liberal art subject, please post it. Then we can search on the web for that topic.

P.S. personally, I took quite a few courses on economic, psychology, but don't know anything about arts, religious, geology and astronomy.
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