My Unsolicited Review of ABEMprep: Solid 9 out of 10

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Dec 4, 2011
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This is a review of ABEMprep.com. I was not asked to do this, nor compensated in any way for this review. However, I randomly came across this website and signed up for it two days before my initial boards. Here then is my review and suggestions:

I discovered this site literally two days before my boards, but I was able to go through all the lectures aside from about five of them. To do this, I had to listen to it the entire day for two days straight... Obviously, these lectures are not completely comprehensive nor are they meant to be. However, they are incredibly high yield for the test. I highly recommend these lectures as part of your final review, one week before taking your boards after you've gone through a question bank (for which I recommend Rosh Review).

The only reason I refuse to give this course a 10 out of 10 is that I am morally obligated to deduct atleast a point for the lame attempt at humor throughout the series. The "humor" is beyond lame... It is quite frankly cringeworthy. Don't get me wrong: I love corny humor, but this is not corny funny... It's just unfunny, awkward, and painful. Kind of like when old people try to be "hip" by using internet lingo. I really think that the medical board should sanction these two doctors for how bad their "humor" is.

However, aside from that, it's a great review and I highly recommend it. I realize that this is too late for this year, but for those of you taking the exam next year, I couldn't recommend this more. Also, it's REALLY cheap: $150. (I did not purchase the text and my review is ONLY for the lecture series.)
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Oct 21, 2008
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Maybe I can use it next year when I take the qualifying exam again?

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I used their in-service prep all throughout residency and thought that it was useful. The video is overall pretty short--- around 14 hours if I recall, but it did contain a lot of information. There is also CEME which is around 40 hours long and significantly more expensive.