Naplex advice

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Feb 1, 2012
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I am posting this because I was literally scared to death of taking the NAPLEX. I had done fairly well in school and graduated with honors, but I was lacking in clinical experience. I knew I wanted to go into retail so I completely avoided clinical rotations except for the ones required. This part started to scare me because so many people in my class had done mostly clinical rotations. This is how I studied for the NAPLEX. I started in mid March studying RX Prep. I bought the book and online program. This was helpful, but there was no way to go through all of this material. This book is very lengthly and each section online had at least a 30 minute lecture to go with it along with around 50 or more practice questions. This was good for a while. I focused on some of the major topics. Then in May, I took a class that my school offered from Dr. Sutton. THIS IS THE BEST CLASS TO TAKE. In this class he pointed out the main points about certain meds and which ones to know and which ones not to spend as much time on. I also bought his book. After I took this class, I mostly spent time studying his material and looking over some practice questions in RX prep. His book also has practice questions that are good too. KNOW calculations and statistics. You know these will be on there and this is too easy to not get right. I took the NAPLEX Thursday morning and got my results Monday morning. After I took it, I felt that there was a lot that I knew but also a lot that I wasn't sure about. Overall, I felt like I had passed and I did.