Aug 29, 2016
I am posting my experience as I've read plenty of the forums on peoples experience on NAPLEX to easy my anxiety. LOL it didn't quite work long term because every night i found myself reading more post... Let's get to it. I took took Naplex on the Friday I don't know of my score as of yet. I wasn't crying when i left... good sign but then again WHO knows. I am a procrastinator. I always have been. I normal don't retain detailed information for long periods of time so while studying for the NAPLEX I was a little stressed to see how was I going to remember all the information in the Rxprep book. I used RxPrep book 2016. I advise getting this book only because there is alot updates that hasn't been in the previous book. I liked the presentation better than 2015 book. However I like the flow of the calculations in the 2015 calculations chapter. My advice would be NOT TO PANIC!!! It's so much information that you have to study and retain. The cases are filled with SOOOOOOO much information that yes you need but then again you don't. So READ the questions first and then the case. Make sure you answer the question being asked. Make sure you pay attention to the actual day on the patient chart. For the calculations portion of the exam OMG I know how to do the rxprep math so i thought i would be Ok... All my friends were saying the math was easy. It was easy topics!!! Like MEQ, Crcl, and TPNs but the way it was presented was a little confusing. I know i knew how to do it but i didnt want to take alot of time on questions trying to figure them out. MAKE SURE you know the different weights to use when doing weight based dosing. Know when to use (IBW, AdjBW, or Actual). Do not memorize any of the normal ranges. They will give them to you. You need to know what it actually means if they are out of normal range. and how to fix it!!! Calculations: go through rxprep and make reference guide of every type of calculations presented in the book. Equations, from calc chapters, biostats, PK-even though i had nothing from this chapter, steroid conversion, statin equivalent doses, pain conversion, and insulin. Biostats make sure you know this like the back of your hand. MASTER this chapter. Do not skip the non-disease state chapters in the beginning of the book you will be amazed at how much IRRELEVANT S**** they ask from these chapter. Do not only focus on big disease states: YOU'VE learned these in school you know them. Look at the "not so important topics". Make sure you know how to assess a patient chart. If you weren't good at this on internal med rotations then read the chapter in rxprep. Know HIV, Know ID bugs and drugs, first and second lines tx. PAY ATTENTION to allergies as this can help you to eliminate the two answers you most likely narrowed it down to. Most importantly manage your time. Have the mind set to just keep going if you don't know it. The time you spend in the beginning on questions you don't know will only hurt you in the end for THE ABSOLUTE EASIEST TOPICS. I was on pace when i went on my break i was 2 hours into the exam and on question 90 something. biostats will take alot of time as i had about 20 questions. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND ALL CONCEPTS. I was on question 145ish when I noticed the time I had was about 30 mins. So i began to try and hurry thru the exam. Once i worked thru the rest of the biostats my last 20 questions were SIMPLE but I probably had about 10 minutes left. So I was nervous, my hand was shaking, and sweating i was loosing train of thought LOL i could barely work my damn calculator so i started to PANIC!!!! Think OMG i'm not going to finish. So i said i'm not going to work any math my goal is to finish the exam. but the math that came up required hardly no effort so i COULD NOT miss those easy points. There were no cases towards the end. BUT i know i missed read some questions and made dumb mistakes because i was panicking as i ended my exam and being to recap the exam in my head after answering my 185th question. Go thru the entire RXPREP book. There wasn't one question on NAPLEX that wasn't covered in the book. I would not advise doing the rxprep quizzes as they are wayyyyy to detailed and require you to feel horrible about yourself. Only do the quizzes that contain math. SORRY FOR THE LENGTHY POST!! hope this helps someone!!

UPDATE: PASSED with an 81
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