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NAPLEX & CPJE Review Materials . . Prontopass, Rxprep, & more!


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Jul 29, 2005
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  1. Pharmacy Student
    Prontopass- SOLD

    Rxprep Review Book 2009 Bundle, USED w/ highlights $300 (originally paid over $600)
    -Rxprep Review Book 2009 (if purchased online, $250 by itself)
    -Rxprep Case-Based Self-Assessment Practice Questions 2009-only given to those who take the actual course~! Great review for CPJE
    -Rxprep audio files, 32 hours of review --helped me a lot~!

    Comprehensive Pharmacy Review Practice Exams 7th Edition by Leon Shargel, NEW, no highlights-$30 (MSRP $53)

    A Guide to CA Community Pharmacy Law 6th Edition by Fred Weissman, USED w/ highlights $25 (MSRP $46) --Great for CPJE law portion, will also include the 2008 supplement(12 additional pages of updated laws received when I purchased the book at the school bookstore)

    All prices are negotiable & does NOT include shipping costs. Please PM me if interested or have any further questions. Thank you & good luck!

    I have passed both NAPLEX and CPJE =)
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