NAPLEX review material - Newest PRONTOPASS for sale!

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Jul 1, 2010
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I passed with a 134 (75 needed for passing) on the NAPLEX using Prontopass only. It is EXCELLENT study material. You can use this instead of all your large, heavy pharmacy books that may overwhelm you with information. This study method helps you to become extremely focused and organized while preparing for the exam - the final step to becoming a licensed pharmacist. It will ensure that you are confident and calm on exam day. If you have any questions concerning how to study for the exam, you are welcome to contact me as well.

This is the newest prontopass package available in 2010.
Included in the package:

1) 25 Posters - 11"x17" (LARGE posters) covering all disease states/drugs

2) 1,300 Cards - Quickcards and quickcard summaries to quiz you

3) 250 Math Practice Cards -- BEST math practice and ALL you need.

Original price I paid for all materials was ~$500 on website: prontopass.com (combo package) -- you are guaranteed to pass on the website.

I am willing to negotiate a fair price. Contact me if interested! :)
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