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Mar 3, 2004
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I have used the as a site for review for national board I. it cost me only 25 dollar compared to 1000 from It was the best with more than 3000 question. I able to select my weekness topic and created a special session for review. I also able to see my test result immediately and also print out the question that I miss. I have review session, test session and quicknote . the quicknote is the best it help to summarized the important information before the real board. I like it also , the company has their own coaches that monitor my review and write back with feedback. I wish they have that for board number 2.

I wonder if anybody know a site where I can register for board II. Thank you

Also the site has a movie that outline some of the difficult biochemistry and dental anatomy illustraction. Great way to remember the information

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Apr 18, 2003
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Originally posted by green emerald
oh meggs thank you,i beleived him alreday:eek:

Oh no, I'm not saying don't beleive him!. I'm just warning you know to be aware of spams and sellers on the net. But his program might be turn out to be quite good, as long as you pay for it. ;) $25 is not a lot of money, but is your credit card # what's in danger.

Due to the high competition among the dental students, NBDE scores have gone up. And I'm sure more than one savy person has seen this as a great chance to make a bussiness out of it. The same has happened with DAT, MCAT and USMLE.


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Dec 30, 2003
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Great Meggs,
You are so well informed..
I just performed a search for toydens and went the astonishing results..:eek:
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