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national health service corps?


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Nov 21, 2002
    Just curious about this program. Does anyone know anyone who's done the National Health Service Corps in which you get tuition paid for in exchange for a year of service in an underserved area for each year of tuition help? Looks like you have to do your residency in certain areas of medicine. Do people go on to specialize any more after they complete their stint in the underserved area?


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    Jul 27, 2002
    New York, NY
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      I have looked into it a bit and from what I know you cannot specialize and must go into a form of medicine, ie internal med, family practice, pediatrics etc. Also I heard that it is pretty competitive bc they don't want to throe their money away on someone who will not help them. It easier to get in from what i understand if your from an underserved popluation already (ie rural areas or less inhabuited areas like out west or an indian reservation or in parts of maine). I had a similar question bc I think it would eb awesome to go into but what if you decide after a few years of pediatrics that you want to specialze? Anyone know hte answer.


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        NHSC has a website that answers a lot of questions. It sounds a bit stuffy, but the program is supposed to be well-run.

        People can do residencies in primary care (family practice, internal med, OBGYN, peds, psych) and if you want to specialize in something else later you have to wait until after you serve the primary care years. Not that bad for 4 years of tuition + stipend though.:)
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