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Dec 29, 2006
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I found the national match list here:

Would like to hear comments from SDN members about the list...

To whom does the AOA talk to in determining where and what to fund?

Notice this info on the physician tab:

The National Matching Services, Inc., which coordinates the osteopathic Match, reports that a total of 1,575 individuals participated in the 2007 Match out of 3 ,173 total osteopathic graduates. Approximately 40 percent of the osteopathic graduates matched into an osteopathic internship position; 181 did not match and 217 will serve in the military. The AOA intern/resident registration program includes 2,688 approved positions, and 2,189 funded positions, 925 of which were unfilled as of the February 12, 2007 match.


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Sep 19, 2004
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While we're on the subject, how much does it cost to fund a residency spot, or clinical rotation? I'm sure at least some schools could afford to fund it themselves, especially when you take schools like AZCOM, that earn almost 40k tuition from each student. That's serious dough right there.
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