Navy base locations/orders, tied to region of school?

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Nov 14, 2005
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I just read something over at dentaltown to the effect that coming out of school they try to station you nearby, and not move you across the country. I was a bit disappointed to read this. Is this true?

I'm from the west coast going to school in a crummy eastern city, and I really cannot wait to get back out west. In fact, for the last year I've been thinking I would tell the detailer my only request is to get out west, even if it's not at one of the coveted bases. Am I probably only going to be offered Great Lakes or Norfolk/Carolinas? I can make the best of any situation, just a bit disappointed (with my school choice) if thats how it works...

I know a couple dentists who were allowed to move cross country out of d-school.
It depends. Do you want to specialize or do a residency or AEGD? If so, then you can potentially go anywhere. Simply put, the Navy will put you wherever they want you.