Apr 6, 2012
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I'm currently an intern-trained Navy flight surgeon. After my active duty service obligation, I want to enter civillian osteopathic residency. All military GME programs are ACGME accredited, thus when I filled out my ERAS as an M4, I had to report COMLEX and USMLE scores. Since I plan on applying only to AOA programs this time around, I do not want to report my USMLE score (I know reporting actual USMLE scores are not required if you are applying only to AOA programs). However, since I've already filled an ERAS application out in the past, will my USMLE score automatically be uploaded? I do not want to report my USMLE score, only COMLEX. Could anybody shed light on this? Thanks.


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Oct 11, 2006
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ERAS applications are completely wiped clean each application year. You have to enter everything all over again. You will not have to upload your USMLE.