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Nbde Part 1

Discussion in 'NBDE Exams & Licensure Exams' started by nagdent, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. nagdent

    nagdent 2+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Hi Guys .i Have My Exmams In May End.i Am Doing Decs And Kaplan Review Book.joined Kaplan Q Bank Also. But Finding Kaplan Q Bank's Question Very Hard Sply For Anatomy And Phsio.i Am Scoring 80 In Released Exams Of 1985,87,89,97.

    What Else Shld I Do To Score Good In Kap's Q Bank.pls Suggest :(
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  3. docasrpa

    docasrpa 2+ Year Member

    Nov 8, 2006
    yeah i heard kaplan q bank is too tough..n of no use..

    i too have my xm in may end..on which date is urs?
  4. LetMeIn

    LetMeIn Member 7+ Year Member

    I would recommend you study each section independently...

    Microbiology - Decks should be sufficient by themselves for review. Do lots of back questions! They tend to repeat a lot of micro.

    Physiology - There arent too many questions on Physio from my experience. Learn the decks, look over all the systems in your texts.

    Gross Anatomy - Study netter in and out. Know nerves, blood vessels, musculature, skeletal anatomy really well. Some people get more questions on blood supply, some get more nervous system... it varies. If you know Netter, you will be good to go. Usually its the hardest subject on the Boards, spend lots of time with it. Dont rely on just the deck's or practise exams/questions for this section.

    Dental Anatomy/Occlusion - Take your study teeth out, memorize every line angle. Know characteristic features of particular teeth, which ridge is longer where, which teeth tend to be missing most often etc etc. Know your pedo anatomy well. They key to this section and especially occlusion is LOTS of practise. Do as many questions you can find. Dig up your old Dental anatomy finals or midterms, and redo them. Temple provided us with a stack of practise questions, which were pretty detailed. The actual Boards questions were way more simplified (did not ask specific teeth numbers when referring to occlusion).

    Pathology - Decks are a good start. Not too many questions on the boards, but know the most commonly asked questions well. Do lots of practise questions.

    Biochem - I didnt use the decks at all for this section. My best advise is to review your old Biochem notes or a Board review book that you have and know all the CYCLES and Pathways. Dont memorize the words, try to understand all the cycles and pathways well. Draw them out! Krebbs, Gluconeogenesis, etc etc. Be able to recall the cycles instantly. When I started the exam, I used my provided pen and paper to jot down all the cycles (in a simplified form) so i can use it as a reference for later.

    My advice for when you take the exam... dont look at the answer choices right away. Try to answer the just question in your head and then look at the choices provided.

    There are always some people who arent interested in specializing that just want to pass, so maybe all this extra effort is pointless. Thats just not the right way to go imho. I say that you set your goals really high, and aim for the sky! I scored pretty high on P-I, even surprised myself.
  5. LetMeIn

    LetMeIn Member 7+ Year Member

    Oh and the night before the test, dont keep studying. Relax, make some dinner, watch a movie and just take it easy. :D
  6. nagdent

    nagdent 2+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    thsanks for all our precious advise.i dont have much study material with me.anatomy and bio chem with kaplanreview book will be ok. what do u suggest for that.
  7. LetMeIn

    LetMeIn Member 7+ Year Member

    Gross anatomy, get a Netter, maybe even the netter cards (Barnes&Noble sells them). Any used edition is fine. Kaplan review for Biochem should be fine, ive seen a friends copy and it had all the material. If you dont have a good reference for Dental Anatomy, try this textbook.
  8. cutie doc

    cutie doc 2+ Year Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    hey let me in....thanx a ton 4 ur valuabe info.............
    can u plz tell me if wheelers is sufficient nuff 4 occlusion n tmj......or u wud suggest some other stuff.........plz let me know!!
  9. LetMeIn

    LetMeIn Member 7+ Year Member

    I cant comment on Wheeler's since I used another text.

    A good pocket guide on dental anatomy and occlusion is the Pocket Brain: Dental Anatomy and Occlusion by K.Choudhary, it was included on our reading list at Temple. Pretty cheap ($15 new), might be a good idea to pick one up if you need a quick reference.
  10. ScDds

    ScDds Must pass nbde1 :p 2+ Year Member

    Apr 30, 2007
    Southern Cal
    When you guys go thru the decks, do you just try to memorize them or what?

    I am doing Kaplan Review Book,school dental anatomy notes, and will go thru old exams and Qbanks and also decks at least twice. Just a little unsure how i should approach the decks.
  11. vijaggi

    vijaggi 2+ Year Member

    Jan 24, 2007
    where can i get this book ,let me know .asu told i have got this netter s book for anatomy this fine ...

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