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Sep 29, 2011
East Coast
Hi, was hoping someone could help me out here.

I took the test on 9/21/13. I got the email from John London a week or so after that, which included

1.) Score Interpretation
2.) Score Report

I had a few questions
1.) There seems to be two score interps. One is attached to the score report at the end...and the other is a seperate document. Which one will be used for the 9/21/13 exam?

2.) On the score interpretation 65 is high-lighted...but this isn't the score I got when I log in with my email/bday. So is the 65 just high-lighted as a standard marker?

3.) The score forwarding report is a PDF with checkable boxes....but how do I actually submit this form? I want to send my score out to a lot of programs...do I check these, and print it and email it back as an attachment? Or snail-mail it?

4.) Is there a cost to send it out per program or is it all included? Would there be any penalty to me sending it out to 30+ programs if I plan on applying to as many?

Sorry these questions are so basic, but I am not seeing the answers on the website or the email.

Thanks fellas!