NBME step 1 score in january (exam in early june)

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Jan 10, 2013
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Hi, my school has us take an NBME step exam after holiday break to help us identify weak points to study over the next 5 months when we take the step 1 in early june. I am among the best in my class as far as class grades this year but am discouraged by my score on this recently taken NBME (NBME 6). I got a 390 which translates to a 196 on the real thing. Should I be concerned? Does the NBME have any real prognostic potential at this point anyway being that it's still around 5 months away from the real deal? I think most people in my class failed although one of the really good students i study with got a score that scaled to a 226 and i'm worried I should have done better and will not likely be able to beat a 230 on the real thing like I want to. I've just been kinda stressed ever since :(


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Apr 27, 2009
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Don't worry about it. My school also administered a practice NBME in mid-April to give us a sense of where we were, and I scored a 205 or 210...can't remember which. I got a 256 after 5.5 weeks of studying. Most people aren't going to do well on the practice test because there are materials from first year and early second year that almost everyone has already forgotten. It's a crappy feeling to get a low score on the practice exam, but you will definitely do a lot better on the real thing.