Dec 3, 2013
Hi all,

I know many threads like this have been posted before, but I'm just looking for an update on what the best materials to study for the NC MPJE are.

I know that many suggest going over the laws on the NCBOP website, but I've also noticed some people say to just go through the FAQs instead, and only refer to the actual laws for anything unclear. Thoughts on this?

I recently read through the Reiss/Hall book for federal law, and am now starting to look at state law. I've only been going through FAQs thus far, but after briefly glancing at the actual laws I can tell they would be tough to read through (especially 100 pages of them). I also noticed laws and rules are separate on the NCBOP website, is it necessary to go through both of these?

Are review books/programs any good? This seems to be the main one, if anyone has used it I'd love to know what you thought:
Could this replace going through laws/rules on the BOP website?

I went to school out of state, so I don't have any NC law class notes, but if anybody would be able to provide me with relevant notes I'd certainly appreciate it. I also heard that Tom Thutt holds a review course - I haven't found much info on it but I remember seeing somewhere that it's only offered near the end of the school year? If anybody has notes from his course I would also very much appreciate those.

Any other advice for the exam is appreciated - thanks!
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Dec 25, 2014
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Have you taken the exam yet?
I have been studying NC BOP website info... FAQ, rules and laws, and the reciprocity power point presentation.
The Rules and Laws cover different topics and don't seem to be in a particular order.
FAQ and PP seem to have the most concise info.
Also reviewing federal law, specifically controlled substance regulations.

My exam is on tuesday.