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Jun 21, 2006
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This actually took place a couple of years ago. The ABA is one of ~12 "sponsors" of the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Care. Their is a very brief window to get board certified on the experience pathway followed by the requirement to receive residency or fellowship training in the field in order to be eligible to sit for the boards. The ABA, I believe, sponsored 19 diplomates who sat for and passed the exam on its first administration in '08. The exam is given every two years and the deadline is already passed to sit for this year's exam. The next and final opportunity will be in 2012. There are pretty big requirements in order to be eligible (certain number of patient contact hours in Hosp and Pall Med, 2 years experience on a hosp or pall med team etc). I suspect once that window is closed, their will no longer be much need for ABA or any other board's "sponsorship" of this new ABMS specialty.

More info can be found at the ABA website.