Aug 3, 2009
Hi everyone,

Ok, so I'm a senior this year and am almost finished with my prerequisite courses for med school and will be applying next summer. I need to know what schools look at more closely GPA or grades? No one has really ever answered this question for me EVER :confused:. Also does it hurt that I went to a community college for 2 yrs? My GPA at the CC was a 3.3 or 3.5 (don't remember). My GPA now is a 3.6, science GPA is 3.9. Hopefully my GPA will be a 3.7 when I apply if I do good this year. And even though my GPA isn't bad , only recently have I had an upwards trend, how will that be viewed you think? BTW how will my GPA be calculated from the 2 schools? Thanks.

Last thing, if I were to take Organic 2, Biochemistry, and Calc. 2 at another school will that be weird? I mean they don't fit my schedule well at my school now....So I was gonna take them this fall at some private uni. I really need to know if its normal to have transcripts from 3 schools?


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Jan 9, 2008
Don't worry about it. Just do well on the MCAT and have solid ECs and you'll be fine.


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Mar 24, 2009
Schools look at your year-by-year GPA, the composite undergrad GPA, and your MCAT score. They also look at the BCPM GPA. AMCAS will recalculate an application GPA for you from the transcripts you submit, giving equal weight to every credit earned. Some people attend way more than three schools. If you apply with a 3.7, you'll be competitive.

Some schools don't like to see CC credits, but most don't care as long as you do well on the MCAT to prove the coursework you took was sufficiently rigorous.